Sunday, February 19, 2006

And so a month passes...

... and I'm back here again. A lot has happened since I last posted, and none of that had anything to do with anything unfortunate happening to me during Friday the 13th. Curiously, I always have a good day during Friday the 13th. Since I don't want to separate it again, let me go through it one subject at a time.

Narutimate Hero 3

A fighting game for the PS2. I thought it would wear out pretty quick but it's been surprisingly addictive. For a game like this to have 41 characters and have a surprising amount of balance and depth, while being fun at the same time is quite cool, in comparison to *other* fighting games that have a very unentertaining single player mode...

Vengeance Cake for Sale

I have finally finished Park Chan-wook's vengeance trilogy. So what do I have to say about the last installment of his trilogy, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance?

Well, I'll be coming up with something more comprehensive later, but for the moment, it's quite affecting and full of it's own brilliant and horrifying moments. It also approaches the subject of Vengeance in a different manner, and one can't help but feel something different with this movie in comparison to its other incarnations.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Homeroom Teacher

After a long time, I have finally seen all of the episodes of Gokusen, the TV Drama. It's hilarious and quite addictive. More on that later too.

The Death and the Strawberry

Been getting into Bleach as well. It's an anime/manga that sounds like Yu Yu Hakusho, but approaches the whole thing in a cool way. Episode 20 and counting...

Mixed Nuts

What is it with Japanese AV actresses of mixed heritage lately? They've been popping up everywhere. There are three main contenders: Nana, Maria Ozawa and Tina Yuzuki. I all honesty I like the last one, although in standard AV fashion all of them have mosaics. Nana is the most hardcore, however.

There. I hope I haven't bored you too much...